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RCMXpertz was founded by Experts in Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management to provide low-cost and one stop Medical Billing Solutions i.e. Medical Billing & Revenue Cycle Management, Online Reputation, and Virtual Staffing to Freestanding Emergency Centers & Micro Hospitals.

Due to increasing costs and less revenue, we understand the importance of low-cost Revenue Cycle Management, Online Reputation and Virtual Staffing for Healthcare Facilities and Physicians.

RCMXpertz is comprised of exceptional leaders, team members and virtual assistants with expertise in Medical Billing and Coding, Revenue Cycle Management, Out of Network Negotiations, Insurance Appeals, NSA and IDR Mediations, Online Reputation, Social Media Management, Virtual Staffing and Trainings.

Our Social Media team will help you in reaching more patients and enhancing your online reputation by listing and tracking your medical facility on major social media platforms.
1 Stop Medical Billing Solutions
By choosing our Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management experts having more than 15 years experience in Medical Billing Industry, you will save time and money.
1 Stop Medical Billing Solutions
We can help you hire and place low-cost and competent Virtual Assistants in your team to manage your day-to-day administrative tasks including Medical Billing and Coding, ultimately saving 65% of your revenue.
1 Stop Medical Billing Solutions

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