Virtual Staffing

What is included in Virtual Staffing?

We can help you hire and place low-cost and competent Virtual Assistants in your team to manage your day-to-day administrative tasks including Medical Billing and Coding, ultimately saving 65% of your revenue.

Create and submit medical claims

Check patient eligibility for insurance coverage

Handle customer service inquiries from patients and insurance companies

Keep track of account balances, and payments received

VA Requirements

We can help you in assessment of virtual staffing requirements in a short VA job description session to manage your day to day administrative tasks.

Recruitment Screening

Our team will do the screening of low cost and competent Virtual Assistants according to the Job Description discussed in VA Requirements session.

Job Orientation and Training

Our team will provide the complete Job Orientation, Training, and Support for the Virtual Assistants placed in your team.

Virtual Medical Billing and Coding Benefits

Hiring virtual billing and coding staff can reduce labor costs, as remote employees may be paid lower salaries than on-site staff.

With virtual staffing, medical facilities can easily adjust their staffing levels to meet changing demands, without having to make significant investments in physical infrastructure or equipment.

Virtual billing and coding staff can use advanced technology and software to improve the accuracy and efficiency of billing and coding processes.

Virtual staffing can increase the availability of billing and coding staff, as they can work from a remote location. This can improve access to services and reduce wait times for patients.

Virtual staffing can improve the productivity of billing and coding staff, as they can use digital tools to manage patient data and collaborate with other staff more efficiently.

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